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Last updated 9 Jul 2021
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  1. April 2024

    1. Sat 20

      [FIXTURES] DPNA Winter Fixtures - Round 1

    2. Sat 20

      [SSN] Round 2: Firebirds vs Giants (Nissan)

      5:00 PM
    3. Tue 23

      [REP TRAINING] DPNA Junior Rep (12-14yrs) Training

      6:00 PM
    4. Tue 23

      [REP TRAINING] DPNA GBNL (All Teams) Training

      7:30 PM
    5. Thu 25

      [COMMUNITY] ANZAC Day Public Holiday

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2024 Complaints

2024 Complaints

Event Dates

StartMonday 1 January 2024

FinishTuesday 31 December 2024

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OpenMonday 1 January 2024

CloseTuesday 31 December 2024

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Any person (Complainant) may report the conduct of a person or organisation bound by this policy (Respondent) that they feel breaches DPNA's by laws or policies.

Before making a complaint, a Complainant MUST discuss their concerns with their Club President or other Club Official (e.g. the Club their child plays for) to allow that Club to assist in resolving the matter without resort to a formal complaint.

If the matter cannot be resolved to the Complainant's satisfaction at this stage, the Complainant must arrange for the Club President or other Club Official to assist with completing and approving the Complaint Form.

Complaints should be made as soon as possible to the relevant entity. Complaints regarding Saturday fixtures must be submitted by 3:00pm the following Monday.