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Last updated 9 Jul 2021
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  1. March 2024

    1. Sun 03

      [EDUCATION] DPNA Beginner Umpire Course #2 (only need to attend one of the 4 dates on offer)

      1:30 PM
    2. Tue 05

      [REP TRAINING] DPNA Senior Rep (15-18yrs) Training

      6:00 PM
    3. Tue 05

      [REP TRAINING] DPNA GBNL (23s & Opens) Training

      7:30 PM
    4. Fri 08

      [REP TRIALS] DPNA GBNL 16s & 18s Trials

      6:00 PM
    5. Sat 09

      [REP] GBNL 16s & 18s teams announced

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DPNA Document Vault

The DPNA Fixtures Book is for all members and contains all of the information relating to DPNA Fixtures. Managers and Coaches are encouraged to read through this document as it will contain the answer to a lot of questions that arise. 

2024 Fixtures Book

The DPNA Operations Manual is a guide for Clubs on registering players and teams into the DPNA Fixtures.

All players, umpires, coaches and officials who are registered with Downey Park Netball Association are covered by the Netball Australia Insurance Policy. Insurance is provided by Howden Insurance Brokerswho have been appointed Netball Australia's Insurance broke from 9th October 2023.

If you are injured during fixture games, please ensure that the details are recorded by First Aid staff.

If you are injured during a training session with your club, please ensure that your club records the details. This information is vital if you subsequently make an insurance claim. 

DPNA Incident/Injury Report Form

The Netball Australia Insurance Policy covers you whilst you are participating in sanctioned Netball Australia activities including competition, training, social functions, committee meetings, and fundraising, as well as travel to and from these activities. 


Full information is available on the Howden website or you can contact Howden on 1300 420 370 or email:


Certificates of Currency for DPNA Clubs can be requested HERE.

Downey Park Netball Association Annual Reports as presented to DPNA Annual General Meeting.

Netball Queensland policies and guidelines are available HEREon the Netball Queensland website. Please see this website for the latest versions. 

Netball Queensland's Member Toolbox can be found on their website HEREPlease see this website for the latest updates. 

Netball Queensland's 2023 Safeguarding and Integrity webinar series

  • These links will take you to the YouTube addresses of the recordings:
Complaint Handling Officer
Managing Sideline Misconduct
Member Protection Information Officer
Safeguarding Children and Young People (session one)
Safeguarding Children and Young People (session two)

There are disclaimers regarding the content at the beginnings of the recordings and discretion should be exercised when determining who has access to (and accesses) these recordings.  If you / anyone who watches these recordings feels that you / they need to speak to someone regarding the content covered in these recordings, please feel free to contact Netball Queensland’s preferred mental health service provider, the White Cloud Foundation.

Official partners of Downey Park Netball Association