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Last updated 9 Jul 2021
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  1. June 2024

    1. Sat 15

      [FIXTURES] DPNA Winter Fixtures - Round 9

    2. Tue 18

      [REP TRAINING] DPNA Junior Rep (12-14yrs) Training

      6:00 PM
    3. Tue 18

      [MEETING] DPNA Management Committee Meeting (DPNA Exec only)

      7:30 PM
    4. Tue 18

      [REP TRAINING] DPNA GBNL (All Teams) Training

      7:30 PM
    5. Sat 22

      [COMMUNITY] School Holidays start

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Team Manager Information

Rules for Players Filling in

Instructions for how to check the number of a times a player has filled in available HERE


Scoring - 10s, 11s, 12s, 13s, Cadets, Inters & Opens


7/8/9 Years Game Sheets

Non  Comp  Position  Sheet  Example 2024


Courts & Surrounds Safety


All netball posts must have a post pad attached before play can start. Post pads will be delivered to the courts before the first round on Saturday. Post pads should be returned following the last game on your court. It is the responsibility of the second named team on the scorecard to do this.


DPNA does not permit any animals (apart from service animals) on or near any of the courts at any time. Animals present a tripping hazard for players and umpires. No animals (apart from service animals) are allowed within the enclosed area at any time. 

Bikes, scooters, skateboards, etc

DPNA does not permit bikes, roller blades, scooters, skateboards, or other similar items in the fenced compound. Bikes, roller blades, scooters, skateboards, and other similar items are not to be ridden between or near the outside courts. These items must be kept a safe distance from the courts to reduce injury risks.


Umbrellas are not allowed between the courts or within 4 metres of the sideline. This is a player safety issue.


Smoking is banned in the enclosed complex, on the Jackie O’Meara courts and on the grass courts and surrounds. Smoking is banned within 10 meter of viewing and playing areas at organised under 18 sporting events. The ban applies during games and at training.


All rubbish must be placed in the appropriate bin. DPNA has many regular bins throughout the complex.

DPNA have designated Recycling Bins around the grounds. We ask all members to please assist us with this recycling initiative by NOT placing regular rubbish, food scraps etc into these bins and following the signage on the bins to ensure that only eligible containers are placed into them. Cans should remain uncrushed.


Coaches and reserve players are permitted to be within the coaching boxes on the side of the hard courts. NO EQUIPMENT IS TO BE IN THE COACHING BOX. Team equipment and drink bottles must be kept at the ends of the court or in a safe spectator zone.


For the safety of players and umpires, only scorers are permitted between the courts. Chairs cannot be placed around court 17 (except for the scorers). Spectators need to be aware of the danger they can cause to the players and umpires and position themselves accordingly, keeping player and umpire safety in mind.


Photos & Videos

Videography and/or filming of children is NOT permitted on the Downey Park Netball Association premises at any time. This includes video footage taken for personal use.

Photography is permitted; however, permission must be sought from the opposition manager and umpires before any photos are taken.

Please be aware that there are specific instances in law where consent will not be given to photograph members. Such instances generally relate to child custody matters, wards of state, restraining orders and witness protection. It is also possible that, from time-to-time, other circumstances may also preclude the taking of any image of an individual.






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