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Last updated 9 Jul 2021
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  1. March 2024

    1. Sun 03

      [EDUCATION] DPNA Beginner Umpire Course #2 (only need to attend one of the 4 dates on offer)

      1:30 PM
    2. Tue 05

      [REP TRAINING] DPNA Senior Rep (15-18yrs) Training

      6:00 PM
    3. Tue 05

      [REP TRAINING] DPNA GBNL (23s & Opens) Training

      7:30 PM
    4. Fri 08

      [REP TRIALS] DPNA GBNL 16s & 18s Trials

      6:00 PM
    5. Sat 09

      [REP] GBNL 16s & 18s teams announced

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Brisbane North Region - COUGARS

The Brisbane North Cougars established in 2001 have been a very successful club for over 19 years.

In 2018 Cougars joined the Netball Queensland franchised Sapphire and Ruby League competitions, where Cougars have 1 representative team playing in each competition.

The 2020 season was a successful one for both Cougars teams, winning the 2020 Sapphire Championship title and our Ruby team doing very well by ending their season as Runners Up.

Cougars also offer player annual development programs, that are run by head coach Liz White and her Cougars players.

Cougar Cubs (11 - 14yrs)
Cougar Cats (15 - 18yrs)
Cougar Gems Academy (15 - 18yrs)

Please CLICK HERE for the Brisbane North Cougars Website

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The Brisbane North Cougars represents 5 netball associations, Downey Park, Pine Rivers, Brisbane, QCNA and Redcliffe. 

We are very fortunate to have our DPNA players selected and coaches involved in the Cougars team environment, all representing our region in the QLD State competitions every year.

2021 Netball QLD Sapphire Series Team

Ruby Bakewell-Doran

Rylie Holland

Coaching: Liz White - Head Coach (DPNA Snr Vice-President, Valleys NC President)

2021 Netball QLD Ruby Series

Georgia Feeney

Georgina Roy

Coaching: Lauren Klingberg - Assistant (GBNL 17 Red coach)

2021 Netball QLD 18U State Titles

18 RED

Kaneihana Clark (GBNL 17 Red, Vipers)

Chloe Williams (GBNL 17 Red, Valleys)

Georgina Roy (DPNA 2020 QPL 17s)


Meg Ceccato (GBNL 19s, Raiders)

Casey Walsh (GBNL 19s, Valleys)

Hannah Buzolic (GBNL 17 Red, Valleys)

Kaiyah Gordon (GBNL 17 Green, Vipers)

Elizabeth Ekeledo-Smith (GBNL 17s Training Partner, Valleys)

2021 Netball QLD 16U State Titles

16 RED

Caitlyn Izzard (GBNL 17 Red, Phoenix)

Jayden Molo (GBNL 17 Red, Vipers)

Laura Roy (GBNL 17 Red, Valleys)

Claudia Smith (GBNL 17 Red, Pine Hills)

Zara Van Gorp (GBNL17 Red, Pine Hills)

Jessamy Redmond (DPNA 15 Green, Pine Hills)


Ryley Gordon (DPNA 15 Red, Vipers)

Zoe Sturmer (DPNA 15 Red, Raiders)

Molly Dyer (DPNA 15 Green, Canons)

Molly Elford (DPNA 15 Green, Raiders)

Ryelin Grundel (DPNA 15s Training Partner, Canons)

Training Partners:

Matilda Coombes (GBNL 17 Green, Vipers)

Keelee Bagnall (DPNA 15 Red, Raiders)

Bronte Flook (DPNA 15 Red, Raiders)

Coaching: Lauren Klingberg - Head Coach 16 Red (GBNL17 Red Coach, Pine Hills)

Management: Lou Corrigan, Manager (Raiders)

We also acknowledge the following players who were selected in 16U & 18U State Titles teams for other regions:

Carina Leagues Club Tigers

18U State Titles

Naviniya Sivo (DPNA GBNL 17 Red, Vipers)


18U State Titles

Sarah Connors (DPNA GBNL 19s, Raiders)

2020 Netball QLD Sapphire Series Team

Ruby Bakewell-Doran

Rylie Holland

Coaching: Liz White - Head Coach (DPNA Snr Vice-President, Valleys NC President)

2020 Netball QLD Ruby Series

Georgia Feeney

Training Partner: Lauren Aubrey (QPL 19s, Canons)

Coaching: Lauren Klingberg - Assistant (QPL 17 Red coach)

2020 Netball QLD 18U State Titles

Lauren Aubrey (QPL 19s, Canons)

Sarah Connors (QPL 17 Red, Raiders)

Ella Donoghoe (QPL 19s, Valleys)

Emily Latter (QPL 19s, AHS)

Alice O'Driscoll (QPL 17 Red, St Margaret's)

Georgina Roy (QPL 17 Red)

Annika Solloway (QPL 17 Red)

Olivia Vincenzi (QPL 19s, AHS)

Training Partners:

Georgia Powell (QPL 19s, Canons), 

Annie Stockwell (QPL 17 Red, AHS)

Coaching Ollivia Beveridge - Assistant (QPL Opens coach)

2020 Netball QLD 16U State Titles

Hannah Buzolic(QPL 17 Red, Valleys)

Bridget Spooner (DPNA 15 Red, AHS)

Zara Van Gorp (DPNA 15 Red, Pine Hills)

Training Partners:

Ella Fearnley (QPL 17 Green, Raiders), 

Casey Walsh (QPL 17 Red, Valleys)

Coaching: Lauren Klingberg - Head Coach (QPL 17 Red coach)

HART Sapphire & Ruby Series'


The HART Sapphire Series will not just replace the Queensland State Netball League but build upon it, elevating Queensland’s incredible netball talent to become the stars of tomorrow.

The league was named after the official gemstone of Queensland and, as the sapphire is also the second hardest gem behind the diamond, is an apt metaphor for the quality and toughness of the competition.

The vision of the HART Sapphire Series is to be a semi-professional league that champions local heroes by raising the next wave of netballing talent to a bigger and brighter stage, inspiring future generations of players, coaches and umpires to step up to the national level.


The Ruby Series underpins the HART Sapphire Series and provides a direct pathway for developing Queensland’s emerging talent. The Ruby Series provides an opportunity for players from right across Queensland to prepare for a place in the HART Sapphire Series as well as providing exciting young talent with the opportunity to learn from and be exposed to more experienced players and coaches.

Each Ruby Series’ team will have a direct link to a HART Sapphire Series team, providing opportunities for every player to advance. This provides links to further Queensland netball players and gives them equal opportunity.

Both the HART Sapphire Series and Ruby Series ensure young netballers around the State have a visible aspirational goal.

Participation in the Ruby Series will form a crucial step in the development framework for players to move from the Queensland Premier League up into the Ruby Series and then be a candidate for HART Sapphire Series contract. Ultimately, this will enhance the number of Queensland players who are ready to step into the Suncorp Super Netball competition.


Bond University Bull Sharks - Facebook - Instagram

Brisbane North Cougars - Facebook - Instagram

Carina Leagues Club Tigers- Facebook - Instagram

Darling Downs Panthers- Facebook - Instagram

Ipswich Jets- Facebook - Instagram

Northern Rays- Facebook - Instagram

QUT Netball - Facebook - Instagram

USC Thunder- Facebook - Instagram

Wildcats - Facebook - Instagram

2021 Hart Sapphire Series & Ruby Series - DPNA Players

Barastoc Darling Downs Panthers

Ruby Team

Molly Parry

Bond University Bull Sharks

Sapphire Team

Emily Gilbert

Brisbane North Cougars

Sapphire Team

Ruby Bakewell-Doran 

Rylie Holland (Cougars Sapphire Captain)    

Ruby Team

Georgia Feeney 

Georgina Roy

USQ Jets

Sapphire Series

Beryl Friday

Ruby Series

Abbey Gallagher 

Hana Barretto

Carina Leagues Club Tigers

Sapphire Series

Ally McLeod

Ruby Series

Alexia Baker (2014 Barbara Hawgood Award Recipient)


Ruby Series

Sarah Morton 

Laura Morton


Sapphire Series

Nardia Roselli elevated to QUT Sapphire Team for Finals Series

Ruby Series

Amelia Fazackerley

Emily Latter (2019 Barbara Hawgood Award Recipient) 

Nardia Roselli (QUT Ruby Captain)  

Official partners of Downey Park Netball Association