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Last updated 9 Jul 2021
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  1. March 2024

    1. Sun 03

      [EDUCATION] DPNA Beginner Umpire Course #2 (only need to attend one of the 4 dates on offer)

      1:30 PM
    2. Tue 05

      [REP TRAINING] DPNA Senior Rep (15-18yrs) Training

      6:00 PM
    3. Tue 05

      [REP TRAINING] DPNA GBNL (23s & Opens) Training

      7:30 PM
    4. Fri 08

      [REP TRIALS] DPNA GBNL 16s & 18s Trials

      6:00 PM
    5. Sat 09

      [REP] GBNL 16s & 18s teams announced

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Thank you to MEAT AT BILLY'S and Qscan RADIOLOGY CLINICS, Key Sponsors of the 2024 DPNA Representative Carnivals.
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