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Last updated 9 Jul 2021
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  1. June 2024

    1. Sat 15

      [FIXTURES] DPNA Winter Fixtures - Round 9

    2. Tue 18

      [REP TRAINING] DPNA Junior Rep (12-14yrs) Training

      6:00 PM
    3. Tue 18

      [MEETING] DPNA Management Committee Meeting (DPNA Exec only)

      7:30 PM
    4. Tue 18

      [REP TRAINING] DPNA GBNL (All Teams) Training

      7:30 PM
    5. Sat 22

      [COMMUNITY] School Holidays start

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Club Information & Forms

2024 Pre-Season at a Glance


Registration Information


Club Forms


Due Date


Club Affiliation Form

1 February

To re-affiliate as a member club with DPNA, this must be completed each year. Includes information on club colours. Also includes a section for approximate team numbers.

Club Committee Update Form

1 February

Informs DPNA of club committee members and contacts

Coaching Clash Form

Monday 11 March

Requests for any coaching clashes to be accommodated in the draw.

Disclaimer Form

Monday 11 March

Stating that all registration information is accurate and that proof of age has been sighted for all players under 19.

Outside Age Group Request Form

Example Form

BEFORE Monday 11 March

Requests for players to play outside their age group (outside of number of players allowed without an exemption). Includes supporting information.

Payment Summary Form

Monday 11 March

Provides information on the fees due to DPNA per club

Registration Change Form

Example Form

10:00am Friday prior to the next fixture day

To be completed on any late registrations, transfer of players between teams, transfer of players between clubs and de-registrations.

Regrade Request Form

Example Form

6-team divisions by May 17th 8-team divisions by May 31st

Requests for the regrading of teams (or requests for teams not to regrade). Includes supporting information.


2024 Fixtures Updates

Rule update on players in teams outside their age groupsHERE.

Rolling subs informationHERE.

Non-competitive (7/8/9 years) coach facilitators informationHERE.

2024 Fixtures Book HERE.

2024 Operations Manual HERE.


Grading Information


Division Information


Club Liaisons (Yellow Vests)

Role of Liaisons

Ensure that all members of our netball community follow the DPNA Code of Behaviour while creating a fun and safe environment

Help encourage a positive, zero-tolerance culture where breaches are identified, reported, and addressed in a timely manner

Ensure a culture and environment where respect and mindfulness of others is encouraged and valued

Reason for Liaisons

Netball Liaisons are the point of contact for coaches, umpires, scorers, and spectators to report issues arising during games

They monitor ALL DPNA courts each week, observing the behaviour of all people involved with netball

Liaisons may respond to issues arising immediately OR, alternatively, the concern may be reported to the Control Desk to allow a Committee Member to address it

Knowledge and Skills Required

Understand and know the DPNA Code of Behaviour, Concussion/Complaints Handling and Photography policies

Effective observation and communication skills and people management/conflict resolution skills

Ability to act with integrity, confidentiality, and be objective

Personal Requirements

Be a member of an affiliated club

Wear the DPNA Yellow Vest while performing this duty

Be a responsible adult

Duties of Liaisons

All clubs are requested to provide a Netball Liaison on behalf of Downey Park Netball Association each Saturday fixture round. 

The DPNA Yellow Vest MUST be worn at all times during liaison duty. The vest will be provided by DPNA at the control desk when the liaison signs on. Netball Liaisons must be VISIBLE, ACCESSIBLE, and in ALL match playing areas.

If a Netball Liaison notices a serious breach of player behaviour, the Netball Liaison may approach an umpire to stop the game and ask the umpire to speak to the captains and give a warning to the player/s. Downey Park has a ZERO TOLERANCE policy. No abuse of any kind toward players, umpires, coaches, spectators, or Officials will be accepted.

If a Netball Liaison observes inappropriate behaviour from a spectator or coach, they are to approach the team manager. The team manager is to record the breach and the name of the person involved on the scorecard. Downey Park will send the notification to the Club President to deal with internally. Downey Park will record all breaches. Continuous, repeat offenders will receive a sanction directly from the Association.

Liaisons may request the offending person to control their behaviour or leave the area. At no point should a Liaison place themselves or any other person at risk but seek assistance from an Official. Liaisons will NEVER “coach” an umpire, coach, or player involved in a match.

In the interest of a “fair and transparent” approach, Liaisons shall not deal with a matter or incident where THEIR OWN CLUB or CHILD is involved. Another Liaison or the control desk should be contacted.

Any serious injury observed or notified to a Liaison must be reported to both the First Aid and Control rooms as soon as safety allows.

Liaisons must ensure that the courts and surrounds are safe and free from obstacles. Only scorers may stand or sit between courts. Coaches may stand in the coaching boxes or at one side of the court toward the base line, but MAY NOT travel along the side of the court.

Any questions or concerns during Fixtures should be referred to the DPNA Control Desk.




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