DPNA Honour Board

DPNA Trophy Winners - Fixtures

Lesley Cook Trophy

Awarded to the team that takes out the premiership for Intermediate Division 1. 

First awarded in 1982 in memory of Lesley Cook. Lesley Cook was the first President of Downey Park which she held from 1974 until 1978.    She moved to Queensland from NSW where she had been involved with the Manly Warringah Association at a high level.  She was a member of the Gap Netball Club in Brisbane. As well as her involvement with Downey Park, she was an executive member of Queensland Netball, the International Liaison Officer and a state team Manager. She was a great leader – a forward thinker, always involved with the players and promoting DPNA at all times. Before her illness she was considered a candidate for Qld President.  All the players at Rep level knew her and thought the world of her.

Jack O’Mahoney Trophy

Awarded on Grand Final day to the team that takes out the premiership for Cadet Division 1. 

First awarded in 2001 in memory of Jack O’Mahoney, a life member of Downey Park who loved netball. He followed Downey Park players and teams with great interest and spent many hours at the courts where he was the Groundsman for many years.   

Maureen McCartney Trophy

Awarded on Grand Final day to the team that takes out the premiership for 13 years Division 1. 

First awarded in 2014 as the McDonald's Trophy, this Trophy was renamed in 2020 in memory of DPNA Life Member, Maureen McCartney. Maureen served on the DPNA Management Committee from 1987-1998, as President, Fixtures Convenor and Property Officer, and was extensively involved in DPNA Junior netball through her involvement with Chermside Youth Recreation Club (CYRC).   

Bertha Elder Trophy

Awarded to the top junior club on Grand Final Day. 

Points are awarded to teams 11 years to 13 years who compete in finals as follows:

®    Teams in Division 1 – 4 points for winner; 3 points for runner-up

®    Teams in Division 2 – 3 points for winner

®    Teams in Division 3 – 2 points for winner

®    Teams in Division 4 – 1 point for winner

®    Teams in Division 5 – 1 point for winner

The trophy was first awarded in 1982 in memory of Bertha Elder.  Bertha Elder, a life member of Downey Park, was Downey Park’s first patron appointed by the Queensland Netball Association in 1974 when Downey Park Netball Association was first established. She had been extensively involved in netball throughout her life and assisted Downey Park in the early years of its development.  


(Opens Div 1)
(Inters Div 1)
(Cadet Div 1)
(13yrs Div 1)
(Best Junior Club)
1974Police Gabba
1976Valleys 1
1977Valleys 1
1979Valleys Blue
1980Valleys Blue
1981Valleys Blue
1982Valleys BlueValleys Green
Mitchelton Junior NC
1983Valleys WhiteGlenmacs 5Arana NC
1984Valleys BlueValleys GoldThe Gap NC
1985Valleys BlueValleys GoldChermside Youth &
Recreation NC
1986Valleys 1Valleys 4Arana NC
1987Valleys 1Valleys 6Arana NC
1988Valleys 1RebelsArana NC
1989Valleys 1Valleys 7
The Gap NC
1990Valleys 1Valleys 7 
The Gap NC
1991Valleys 1Valleys 7
Chermside Renegades NC
1992Campbell Bros Cup

St Josephs 3

John Paul College NC
1993Valleys 1Canons 5The Gap NC
1994Valleys 1Valleys 7John Paul College NC
1995Valleys 1Canons 5The Gap NC/
Pine Hills NC
1996Raiders 1
The Gap NC
1997Valleys 1Valleys 7Valleys NC
1998Valleys 1Valleys 7The Gap NC
1999Canons 1Windaroo 1Valleys NC
2000Canons 1Valleys 4Valleys NC
2001Valleys 1Canons 5Valleys 7Aspley NC
2002Valleys 1Canons 4Aspley 6The Gap NC
2003Valleys 1Valleys 6Pine Hills 5Valleys NC
2004Valleys 1Aspley 4Pine Hills 4Valleys NC
2005Valleys 1Valleys 5Valleys 7Aspley NC
2006Valleys 1Canons 4Valleys 7Raiders NC
2007Downey Park Cup
Valleys 1

Valleys 5

Canons 7

All Hallows NC
2008Valleys 1Valleys 3Samford 7Samford NC
2009Valleys 1St Margaret's 1Samford 6Valleys NC
2010Aspley 1Valleys 4Valleys 6Samford NC
2011Valleys 1Valleys 4Valleys 8Phoenix NC
2012Valleys 2Valleys 6Valleys 10The Gap NC
2013Valleys 1Valleys 4Valleys 9The Gap 18The Gap NC
2014Canons 1Valleys 5Valleys 9Phoenix 8Valleys NC
2015Canons 1Valleys 5Valleys 10Valleys 14Valleys NC
2016Valleys 1Valleys 5All Hallows 13Vipers 5All Hallows NC
2017Raiders 1Valleys 6All Hallows 13Valleys 15Valleys NC
2018Valleys 1Valleys 5Phoenix 5All Hallows 26  All Hallows NC
2019Raiders 1St Margaret's 1Valleys 11Canons 11Brisbane Central Flyers NC
2020COVID - 9-wk Blast
Valleys 1
No Finals - 
All Hallows 1
Top of Table end R9
All Hallows 10
Valleys 14
as Division winners
2021Valleys 1Raiders 10Raiders 15Canons 10Canons Rebels NC

DPNA Trophy Winners - Individual Awards

Barbara  Hawgood  Trophies 2005- 2013 & 2014 onwards 2

Barbara Hawgood Award

The trophy was first awarded in 2005 in memory of Barbara Hawgood. Awarded annually to a player who:-

·         Played representative netball for DPNA during the year.

·         Displayed responsibility, self-discipline and respect for the rules of DPNA.

·         Considered playing for DPNA an honour and wore her uniform with pride and distinction.

·         Achieved personal and team goals by setting high standards and rising to the occasion.

·         Possessed such qualities as determination, persistence and perseverance when facing challenges.

Barbara was involved in netball from 1984, the first year her daughter commenced netball.  Her initial involvement was at a club level but she subsequently became a member of the Downey Park committee as Junior Registrar and served in that position for a period of eight years.  As well, she was a team manager for many teams at club, association, and state level.

In all her activities she was always prepared to go the extra mile to assist in whatever capacity was required. The last two and a half years of Barbara’s life were a challenging time for her but her positive outlook on life and her optimism were there for all to see and she continued her involvement in Club, Association and State level in spite of her difficulties until six months before her death.  

The Michelle Buck Umpires Trophy

This trophy was awarded for the first time in 2010 to an umpire who:

·         Represents DPNA as an umpire at State League, State Age Championships and/or carnivals.

·         Gave his/her time willingly to assist other umpires to develop their umpiring skills.

·         Considered working for the betterment of umpiring within DPNA as a necessary part of being an umpire.

·         Umpired regularly at weekly DPNA fixtures.

·         Possessed such qualities as determination, persistence and perseverance to reach the highest personal umpiring level.

·         Displays responsibility, self-discipline and respect for the rules of DPNA.

This trophy is awarded in memory of Michelle Buck. Michelle was involved in DPNA from its beginning in 1974 and served on the DPNA committee for almost 20 years – Vice President from 1975 to 1988 except for 1979 when she took on the President’s role and Umpires Convenor for 4 years from 1990 to 1993.  Umpiring was her passion. She was awarded an AA badge and then spent her time coaching umpires for their AA badge. She played a major role in DPNA’s development before taking up the position of President with Netball Queensland where she had a significant impact on the development of netball in Queensland. We remember Michelle for her innovation, administrative and umpiring skills and her contribution to netball at Association and State level over many years. 

The Elizabeth White OAM Trophy

This trophy is awarded to a DPNA Representative Coach who displays excellence in coaching and the development of players throughout the Representative Season. 

The DPNA Rep Coach of the Year Award was first awarded in 2019 and formally named the Elizabeth White OAM Representative Coach of the Year Award in 2021. This trophy is named after Elizabeth (Liz) White who is a Life Member of Netball Qld, DPNA and Valleys Netball Club Life Member and served on the DPNA Management Committee from 1982 to 2021. As a player, Liz represented Downey Park Netball Association, Queensland and the Australian Diamonds. After sustaining a career ending knee injury. Liz turned her attention to coaching and became a highly respected, and extremely successful, coach for Valleys, DPNA, Brisbane North Cougars and Queensland State teams. Additionally, Liz organises and runs the DPNA yearly NetSetGO Program for 5-7year olds which introduces hundreds of young children to netball each year. Liz's long commitment and dedication to netball saw her recognised in the Queen's Birthday Honours list with the award of a Medal of the Order of Australia. As Head Coach of Brisbane North Cougars, Liz White is one of the most successful coaches in the state and has been instrumental in the careers of many of the region's players with many successfully obtaining SSN and Australian Diamond contracts. 

The Joan Pentecost Trophy

The Joan Pentecost Trophy was first awarded in 2022. The award recognises a person involved in umpiring at Downey Park. 

This Award is named after Joan Pentecost who was a Life Member of DPNA and Netball Qld. Joan was a talented AA Badged umpire who served on the DPNA Management Committee in various roles from 1974-1984. Joan was instrumental in the development and mentoring of umpires  


(Representative Player Award)
(Umpire Award)
(Recognition of Volunteer Service)
2005Rheanna Pears
2006Erica Vanderham
2007Tamsin Borton &
Emily Rossow
2008Beth Hamilton
2009Kate Farrell
2010Bronte Orreal & 
Stephanie Webb
Courtney Buchanan
2011Charlotte GoodmanGrace Walker
2012Gina PulsfordBec Bates
2013Kobe HowardHannah O'Brien
2014Alexia BakerJess Lakeman
2015Savannah VasilakisLauren McDonnell
2016Savannah VasilakisOlivia Vasilakis
2017Ella DonoghoeRebecca Pfeiffer
2018Sally FinchLorena Turco
2019Emily LatterAbbey Bassingthwaighte & 
Rosie Walker
Carol Kitzelman
2021Zara Van GorpAbbey Bassingthwaighte &
Karen Stone
                 Vikki McGrath

DPNA Life Members

1984Michele Buck*
1984Joan Pentecost*
1986Bertha Elder*
1986Elizabeth White, O.A.M.
1987Graham White, O.A.M.
1988Shirley Elmer
1988Jack O'Mahoney*
1989Maureen Atkins
1996Diana Moore
1998Maureen McCartney*
1999Judy Chapman
2003Barbara Hawgood*
2005Violet Ellingham
2007Bev Cook
2008Jackie O'Meara*
2012Pam Greer*
2012Sue Maskell
2014Kaye Thomas
2019Jennifer (Jenny) Walsh

*indicates member deceased

DPNA Management Executive Committee (1974-current)

1974Lesley Cook
Fay HargravesBarbara Marshall
1975Lesley CookMichele Buck
Fay HargravesMargo Clarke
1976Lesley CookMichele Buck
Fay HargravesMargo Clarke
1977Lesley CookMichele Buck
Fay HargravesMargo Clarke
1978Lesley CookMichele Buck
Fay HargravesMargo Clarke
1979Michele BuckJoan Pentecost
Fay HargravesMargo Clarke
1980Joan PentecostMichele Buck
Fay HargravesMargo Clarke
1981Graham WhiteMichele BuckJoan PentecostFay HargravesMargo Clarke
1982Graham WhiteMichele BuckJoan PentecostShirley ElmerMargo Clarke
1983Graham WhiteMichele BuckJoan PentecostShirley ElmerAlice Blackman
1984Graham WhiteMichele BuckValda WilliamsonShirley ElmerAlice Blackman
1985Graham WhiteMichele BuckValda WilliamsonShirley ElmerAlice Blackman
1986Graham WhiteMichele BuckShirley ElmerValda Williamson
1987Graham WhiteMichele BuckValda WilliamsonShirley ElmerHelen Stevens
1988Graham WhiteMichele BuckValda WilliamsonShirley ElmerHelen Stevens
1989Graham WhiteValda WilliamsonRobyn DoolanChris MaggacisHelen Stevens
1990Graham WhiteValda WilliamsonWendy LaceyHelen StevensColleen Prideaux
1991Graham WhiteRobyn PettitWendy LaceyHelen StevensMarylou Clarke
1992Elizabeth WhiteDiana MooreWendy LaceyMarylou ClarkeGraham White
1993Elizabeth WhiteDiana MooreWendy LaceyKatrine WinterGraham White
1994Elizabeth White/
Maureen McCartney
Diana MooreWendy LaceyKatrine WinterGraham White
1995Maureen McCartneyDiana MooreWendy LaceyZona LonsdaleColleen Johnston
1996Judy ChapmanDiana MooreBruce DickinsonZona LonsdaleColleen Johnston
1997Judy ChapmanDiana MooreNina SmithwickZona LonsdaleColleen Johnston
1998Judy ChapmanDiana MooreJo BullockZona LonsdaleNina Smithwick
1999Judy ChapmanDiana MooreGraham WhiteZona LonsdaleNina Smithwick
2000Judy ChapmanDiana MooreLorraine WheelerZona LonsdaleDesiree Bickle
2001Kenlie WilliamsDiana MooreLyn FryerKerryn FletcherDesiree Bickle
2002Kenlie WilliamsDiana MooreLyn FryerKerryn FletcherDesiree Bickle
2003Kenlie WilliamsDiana MooreBronwen GilderKerryn FletcherJane Seawright
2004Jane SeawrightDiana MooreBronwen GilderKerryn FletcherScott Rossow/
Debra O'Hare
2005Jane SeawrightDiana MooreBronwen GilderKerryn FletcherDebra O'Hare
2006Jane SeawrightDiana MooreBronwen GilderPam GreerDebra O'Hare
2007Jane SeawrightDiana MoorePam GreerDebra O'Hare
2008Jane SeawrightDiana MooreDarren BowyerPam GreerDebra O'Hare
2009Diana MooreJulia WadhamMichael DrysdalePam GreerDarren Bowyer
2010Diana MooreElizabeth WhiteMichael DrysdalePam GreerJulia Wadham
2011Diana MooreElizabeth WhiteMichael DrysdalePam GreerKatie Jacobsen
2012Diana MooreElizabeth WhiteMichael DrysdalePam GreerKatie Jacobsen
2013Diana MooreElizabeth WhiteMichael DrysdaleJennifer CoxJenny Walsh
2014Diana MooreElizabeth WhiteChris RutherfordDanielle PanteliJenny Walsh
2015Diana MooreElizabeth WhiteChris RutherfordDanielle PanteliJenny Walsh
2016Diana MooreElizabeth WhiteMichelle PradoChantelle DavesonJenny Walsh
2017Diana MooreElizabeth WhiteMichelle PradoChantelle DavesonJenny Walsh
2018Michelle PradoElizabeth WhiteMegan ReaddyChantelle DavesonJenny Walsh
2019Michelle PradoElizabeth WhiteMegan ReaddyChantelle DavesonJenny Walsh
2020Michelle PradoElizabeth WhiteJenny WalshLiam McGrathChantelle Daveson
2021Michelle PradoElizabeth WhiteJenny WalshLiam McGrathChantelle Daveson
2022Louise CorriganMichelle PradoChantelle DavesonLiam McGrathVikki McGrath

DPNA Management Committee (1974-current)

DPNA Australian Representative Honours


1978Sandra Fullagar
1980-1982Elizabeth White O.A.M
1982Janelle Soden
1984-1985Janelle Soden
1985Vicki Wilson
1987-1988Janelle Soden
1987-1999Vicki Wilson
1990Janey Bothwell
1990Tracey Foran (U21's)
1993Kirsten Moore (U21's)


2008-2009Sally Butters (U19)
2008Stephanie Wood (U17)
2009Stephanie Wood (U19)
2009Holly Pearce (U19)
2011Beryl Friday (17yrs)
2011Charlotte Goodman (17yrs)
2011Jemmason Power (17yrs)

DPNA AA Umpires

1976Michele Buck
1979Joan Pentecost
1985Valda Williamson
1986Robyn Doolan
1991Janelle Derrington
1994Annette Smith

DPNA Association Captain

Association  Captain
2021Ella Donoghoe
2020Emily Latter
2015Savannah Vasilakis


Jackie O’Meara Courts

These nine courts were named in 2013 in honour of Jackie O’Meara, DPNA Grounds Convenor from 1998 to 2012 – 15 years. 

Jackie played a major part in ensuring that our complex was of a high standard for playing netball. Her contribution was well reflected in the many complements paid to Jackie after her death. All captured Jackie as someone who was always there when she was needed, who was unwaveringly loyal, who could be very stubborn and determined once she had made up her mind, someone with an infectious laugh and someone who always built positive relationship with others. 

Signs were placed on the light towers in September 2017.

Pam Greer Grandstand (near Court 8)

Valleys Netball Club organised this grandstand in honour of Pam Greer, who passed away in 2016 after a long battle with illness. It was erected in 2017. Pam had extensive involvement with netball through a number of netball associations. Her DPNA life membership was awarded in recognition of over ten years of service from 2002 when she became Fixtures Convenor and then Treasurer in 2006.  She also assisted as equipment officer and managed DPNA representative teams for a number of years. She resigned from the DPNA committee at the end of 2012 because of her health. However, she continued her extensive involvement with the Valleys Netball Club until the time of her death. 

Diana Moore Clubhouse & Diana Moore Representative Player Scholarship

The DPNA Clubhouse was named in honour of Diana Moore who served as President of DPNA from 2009 until 2017. Prior to this, Diana served as DPNA Senior Vice President (1992-2008) and DPNA Promotions Officer (1987-1991) as well as 26 years as President of Canons Rebels Netball Club. Diana was instrumental in a number of major projects such as hard-court developments and lighting upgrades which would not have happened without Diana playing a vital role in securing funding, planning and overseeing each one. The New DPNA clubhouse, completed in 2016, was made possible through Diana’s tireless involvement and commitment to securing more than $750,000 in funding from the Queensland Government and Brisbane City Council.

From 2019, Diana Moore has also generously offered to fund the annual Diana Moore Representative Player Scholarship for players of school age who have been successfully chosen as a DPNA Representative Player and seek financial assistance for Representative related expenses. 

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