Rules of Netball & NetSetGO

Equal opportunity, fair play and respect for an opponent's skill and safety. 

Those are the core values that the Rules of Netball are based on. To respect these values, it is the responsibility of:

* Players to make sure they are physically and technically prepared to play the game, comply with the rules and take part safely and fairly

* Coaches or teachers of the game to make sure that players are prepared in a way that complies with the rules, as well as having an understanding of sporting behaviour and safe practices

* Umpires to apply the rules of the game with impartiality, fairness and consistency

* Controlling bodies, at all levels, to make sure the game is conducted and developed in accordance with disciplined and sporting behaviour

INF  Rule  Book 2020

INF 2020 Rule Book

Official Rules of Netball by International Netball Federation (INF). 

A copy of this book can be purchased from DPNA Canteen each Saturday.

2020 Rules Update

Netball Australia have provided a memo on the 2020 rules updates. The 2020 version incorporates the protocols and expected game management. 

VIDEO: The Official Rules of Netball

Netball Australia have created these video updates to help clarify the Rules of Netball.

2017  Suncorp  Net Set GO

NetSetGO Rules

Modified games are a great way for participants to learn the technical and tactical skills of netball. This enables greater involvement of participants and provides more opportunity to execute skills and make decisions. 

Modified Matches look like a traditional game of netball and use the full sized court and normal playing positions however the goal post height and ball size are modified. The rules and playing positions of a modified Suncorp NetSetGO game are explained below.

NetSetGO Modified Game Rules

Suncrop NetSetGO - A Guide for Grownups


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